Sara (xxlostxinsidexx) wrote in fetishxwhore,

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Since our other Mod didn't like how I am running this community, I'm looking for one new Mod.


Mods help with keeping the community up to date with:

Info page.

Members voting.

Make sure applications are stamped with accepted or rejected.

And etc.


Tell me if you are interested. This is for Accepted Members only.



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i. . . would love To Be a Mod With Mi Gorgeous Darling Sara.

Tell Me if You want me too.

i Have been Getting Pretty Good With HTML*s Latelie too so That Kould Help a little i Guessssssss.

Love You Darling.
I wouldnt mind being one :)
These are the only two who want to?
thanks i feel wanted.
Nooooo I thought more people would want to be a mod.


August 4 2005, 03:28:34 UTC 12 years ago

Well. Most people Prollie Havents Seen Yet. i thoguht You would Rather have like Brandi Or Me For it anyways Kause We*re Actualie Friends and it would Be Easier to Talk things over with us. So Maybe it would be easier that way anyways.
^^^ Sorry that was Me Nick Logged in Earlier From Mi computer and i Didnt Notice.
I would want to if it was needed any time not a problem.