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Name: Cassie
Nick Name: i dont have any.
Age: sixteen.
Sex: cunt.
Sexuality: Straight.
Status: Taken
Location (optional): White lake michigan
Your Birthday: June third 1989
Describe Yourself (What makes you different): i am a girl who loves talking about sex and seemingly disgusting bodily functions. I also can not roll my tounge or burp.
Why should you be accepted? i love fetish, and lets face it, i can be quite the whore.


Bands: (Name at least 10+)
Jack off Jill, Mindless Self Induldgence, The Misfits, Siouxsie and the banshees, Kittie, Tiger Army, Danzig, The Horror pops, The Exploited,

Movies: (Name at least 5+) Sid and Nancy, Cheech and chong up in smoke, Rocky Horror, Short circut, Beatle Juice.

TV Shows: (Name at least 5+) Family guy, Super milk chan, The oblongs, Late night style network fashion runway shows, Reno 911

Opinions (Don't make an essay out of them.)
Gay Marriage:
Who is anyone to say love is confined to only male & female relationships?
Labels/Stereotypes: no matter how hard you try, they will never go away.

This Or That-
[x] Smoking / Drinking -
I would like a side of smoking with my drinking
[x] Pants / Skirts -  skirts
[x] Autumn / Fall -  Aumtumn
[x] Pink / Red -  Hot pink.
[x] Inside / Outside - Outside
[x] Piercings / Tattoos - Piercings
[x] Love / Lust - Love
[x] Silk / PVC PVC
Bands / Musicians that you think deserve to die and burn.
John Mayer
2. Ashlee simpson
3. the wu-tang clan

Now, Pictures! If you can try and post at least 3+, But NO MORE than 8.

 most recent. about a month ago.

Promote this community in at least 2 other places. http://www.livejournal.com/users/fictionwelive96/51791.html?view=753231#t753231


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I like the Ears. very sexy Meow!
+opinion on gay marriage.
+your bands
+nice pics.
+ Beatle Juice. Damn Great Movie.
+ You*re Adorable.
+ You*re Pretty
+ You*re Reason For Why You Should Be Accpeted Ammused me.

- The Oblongs Bore me. . . i Think its a Waste of Space where they kould put something like Outlaw star back on or soemthing liek that.
No sorry your application really didn't seem like you put effort nor much time into it and sorry to say it is kinda boring. Lovely pictures by the way.
+Short circut&Beatle Juice
+Your pretty

-You didnt put to much effort into your aplication.