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Name: Nick Larson
Nick Name: The Abby
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Taken
Location (optional): Clarkston, MI
Your Birthday: 1-22-88
Describe Yourself (What makes you different): ive been playing guitar for 3 years, im in 2 bands CorpsLe and Skiptrack therapy, i love bagels like woah, hmm....i jet ski a lot, ive been doing fencing for a few years cause its the best sport in the world and more people need to try it!! i plan on entering some competitions next season, what else about me...ummm...aand im not sure what else to say, for some reason i always find it hard to describe myself, so just get to know me

Why should you be accepted? cauuuse im just that cool to be, i think, and i would make a fine fine addition to fetishxwhores (i coulda joined any other fetish community, but this is a fetishX comminuty, so therefore, this one rocks harder!)   


Bands: (Name at least 10+) the Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan, Billy Corgan Dir en grey, Nine Inch Nails, Bauhaus, Bleeding Through, Atreyu, Bile, kmfdm, Orgy, Pantera, Lamb of God, Gorillaz, Deadstar assembly, the rasmus, coal chamber, Devildriver, dimmu borgir, David Bowie, King Wilkie, Iggy pop, The Rasmus, In Flames, Static-x, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Placebo, The Prodigy, Rob/White zombie, Marilyn Manson, Motley Crue

Movies: (Name at least 5+) Velvet Goldmine, Clockwork orange,  Dawn of the dead, Night of the Living dead, Star Wars, Team America


TV Shows: (Name at least 5+) The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Home Movies, all the old nickelodeon shows, family guy

Opinions (Don't make an essay out of them.)
Gay Marriage: More places need to make this legal, I dont get what the big deal is. If someone wants to get married then i think they should. And if Religous peoples dont like it, well, its not like their the ones getting married anyway so bleh

Labels/Stereotypes: everyone says that they shouldnt exist and everyone should be there own person, but i dont think everyone lives up to what they say about it. I think labels and stereotypes will be here no matter what. I think you can pretty much catch almost anyone saying prep or goth or whatever even if they say that they dont believe in labels. so yea, sure you should be your own person, but i can honestly say ill label people, i think its just a natural human instinct to do so.

This Or That-
[x] Smoking / Drinking - neither, i think they are both disgusting
[x] Pants / Skirts - pants i suppose, buuut i like shorts
[x] Autumn / Fall - i thought they were the same, ill go with autumn cause it sounds cooler to me
[x] Pink / Red - Red
[x] Inside / Outside - outside
[x] Piercings / Tattoos - piercings, i dont think i would get a tattoo
[x] Love / Lust - love
[x] Silk / PVC - PVC is shiney and woo! But how about this silky pvc! ehh ehh?? Come on people you know that would be awesome
Bands / Musicians that you think deserve to die and burn.
1. I dont really hate any band or musician, I think anyone should be able to make and play the music that they want, not saying I like every kinda music, but i have respect for it
2.  ...But i will say i dont really like the singer from the used because im a huge Billy Corgan fan, and i dont like what he did to Billy a few years ago
3.  and that is all


Now, Pictures! If you can try and post at least 3+, But NO MORE than 8.





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