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Name: Cassie
Nick Name: i dont have any.
Age: sixteen.
Sex: cunt.
Sexuality: Straight.
Status: Taken
Location (optional): White lake michigan
Your Birthday: June third 1989
Describe Yourself (What makes you different): i am a girl who loves talking about sex and seemingly disgusting bodily functions. I also can not roll my tounge or burp.
Why should you be accepted? i love fetish, and lets face it, i can be quite the whore.


Bands: (Name at least 10+)
Jack off Jill, Mindless Self Induldgence, The Misfits, Siouxsie and the banshees, Kittie, Tiger Army, Danzig, The Horror pops, The Exploited,

Movies: (Name at least 5+) Sid and Nancy, Cheech and chong up in smoke, Rocky Horror, Short circut, Beatle Juice.

TV Shows: (Name at least 5+) Family guy, Super milk chan, The oblongs, Late night style network fashion runway shows, Reno 911

Opinions (Don't make an essay out of them.)
Gay Marriage:
Who is anyone to say love is confined to only male & female relationships?
Labels/Stereotypes: no matter how hard you try, they will never go away.

This Or That-
[x] Smoking / Drinking -
I would like a side of smoking with my drinking
[x] Pants / Skirts -  skirts
[x] Autumn / Fall -  Aumtumn
[x] Pink / Red -  Hot pink.
[x] Inside / Outside - Outside
[x] Piercings / Tattoos - Piercings
[x] Love / Lust - Love
[x] Silk / PVC PVC
Bands / Musicians that you think deserve to die and burn.
John Mayer
2. Ashlee simpson
3. the wu-tang clan

Now, Pictures! If you can try and post at least 3+, But NO MORE than 8.

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