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You whore

Name: Christina MacCornack
Nick Name: Chris
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Taken
Location (optional): Avon Park,FL
Your Birthday: March 13,1989
Describe Yourself (What makes you different): Im very open minded but i am also very opinionated especally when it comes to my beliefs. Im blunt. I hate stereotypes and dont try to fit in with any "clicks". Ive played soccer for 8 years. Im taking college classes this year, i want to work in social services. Why should you be accepted? im very active in all my communitys and love to post.


Bands: (Name at least 10+)
As I lay dying, Murderdolls, Celldweller, Cradle of Filth, System of a down, Sublime, The Distillers, MSI, Blink 182, Nine inch Nails, From Autumn To Ashes, The used, My chemical Romance, Slipknot, Motley Crue, Wednesday 13, Guns n Roses, Mushroomhead, Ill Nino, and Micheal Jackson!

Movies: (Name at least 5+)
Ginger Snaps, Battle Royale, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Rocky horror picture show, Donnie Darko, Dazed and Confused, Napoleon Dynamite, and Drop Dead Fred!
TV Shows: (Name at least 5+)
Boy Meets World, The real world, Are you afraid of the dark, The Simpsons, That 70’s show, Stella, Ahh Real Monsters, and Degrassi!

Opinions (Don't make an essay out of them.)
Gay Marriage: The way I look at it, I don't want some one telling me who I can or cannot marry, so why should I have the right to tell some one else? Love is love, and it has been proven many times that a person can't help who they love. People say that being gay is a choice, and they are full of crap. I know the bible says that only a man and a woman can get married, but i completely disagree!! I mean if you love someone of the same sex, its not fair if you cant get married! Its not fair that you cant help who you like and therefore you can't have the joyful experience of a wedding and you can't call yourself a husband/wife. Gay marriages all the way! down with bush!!

Labels/Stereotypes: I mean, who were the shallow idiots who started labeling people based on looks? or is it just our screwed up society? I'm not punk, goth, prep, jock, geek/nerd/dork, whatever...I'm just ME. I listen to what i like, i dress how i like, and i'm friends with people from all, clothes, has NOTHING to do with who you are as a person. so why do we even bother to label?

This Or That-
[x] Smoking / Drinking - Both
[x] Pants / Skirts - Pants mostly but sometimes i get in the mood to wear a skirt.
[x] Autumn / Fall - Fall
[x] Pink / Red - Love them both
[x] Inside / Outside - Outside at night and during the day to play soccer. Otherwise inside
[x] Piercings / Tattoos - Both!
[x] Love / Lust - Love, its hard but worth it.
[x] Silk / PVC- PVC
Bands / Musicians that you think deserve to die and burn.
1. Brittany spears
2.Lauren Hill
3. New Found Glory

Now, Pictures! If you can try and post at least 3+, But NO MORE than 8.
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